Workers, Older and Young, Benefit from Fernandina Beach Chiropractic Care

Dentists. Chefs. Flight attendants. Medicare retirees. This is just the beginning of the list. All are at some risk for back and/or neck pain. Some just have more risk. Setting up an appointment to see a chiropractor for these neuromusculoskeletal and musculoskeletal conditions makes sense. Back pain and neck pain and the associated arm pain and leg pain are spinal conditions chiropractic physicians are trained and skilled to manage. And in Fernandina Beach, Amelia Chiropractic Clinic helps contain the risk and reduce the pain for Fernandina Beach workers of all vocations AND hobbies!

In a recent report, researchers compared patients (Medicare beneficiaries from 66 to 99 years of age) seeking care from a chiropractor versus a primary care physician (PCP). The patients desired care for a neuromusculoskeletal problem. The probability of injury or risk of injury to head/neck/trunk of a patient within 7 days of the visit was 76% LOWER for chiropractic office visit patients than those patients who saw a PCP:

  • Chiropractic: only 40 per 100,000 patients
  • PCP: 152 per 100,000 patients (1)

Therefore, come see your Fernandina Beach chiropractor - your back pain specialist - for your neuromusculoskeletal aches and pains! Our gentle chiropractic care - the evidence-based Cox Technic - is so relieving.

But it’s not just the Medicare set who may benefit from Fernandina Beach chiropractic care.

  • 30.09% of airline cabin crew have neck pain. (2)
  • 83.3% of dentists report neck pain, 56.7% complained about back pain, and 41% describe shoulder problems. Female dentists seem more at risk of neckache, discomfort and pain in shoulder and hand than males. (3)
  • 65.8% of male commercial kitchen workers reported back pain within the past year. Commercial kitchen workers need a good chiropractor when their jobs get to their backs!
    • Chief cooks get the most back pain (79.2%).
    • Assistant cooks are next (71.4%).
    • Kitchen aids get it, too (30.0%). (4)
So whether you are a Fernandina Beach home chef or a commercial chef, Amelia Chiropractic Clinic is ready to help manage your back pain and share some tips on its prevention.

No matter your profession or your stage in worklife, contact Amelia Chiropractic Clinic for a thorough spinal examination today to reduce your risk of and get relief for your Fernandina Beach back pain or neck pain.

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