Custom Foot Orthotics

When your feet are out of position, your entire body suffers. The simple fact is that many muscle aches and joint pains are due to misaligned or flat feet. Solution: The Icon Orthotics Arch support breakthrough

Orthotics are custom-made using our unique technology. A significant breakthrough in foot and total body support and realignment. Proper support for ALL the bones in your foot is essential for joint health throughout your entire body.

Your Feet are the Foundations of Your Body. When your feet are out of alignment, excess strain is constantly being placed on your joints causing them to become unstable. This leads to premature and excessive wear that ultimately causes joint damage, pain and injury. Osteoarthritis, chronic injuries and body aches are often due to poor foot alignment, yet we accept this as a “normal part of aging.”

Improving Health from the Ground Up
Our orthotic arch support technology cushions and supports your foot as it gently lifts the arch into its proper position. Each orthotic is custom-made to fit your feet and adjusted to support you perfectly.

Fitting Your Personalized Orthotics. Doctor Rice will take an impression of your feet which are then used to manufacture Icon Orthotics uniquely suited to your feet.

In a second visit, you’ll try out your new orthotics. One or more additional visits may be required to get an ideal fit. Be sure to let your Doctor know as you soon notice the improvement in terms of less pain, easier walking, better endurance in running or other changes!
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